Professor Beverly Tyler visited the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab

Prof Beverly Tyler* (HPC Visiting Professor) visited the HPC Supply Chain Innovation lab from June 6th to June 13th to work on several academic outlets with Professor Jens Roehrich, Professor Brian Squire and Dr. Jas Kalra. Beverly is one of the foremost scholars in our discipline, and her multidisciplinary work has been published in Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management, and Journal of Engineering and Technology Management. In addition to this, she also currently serves on the editorial board of Academy of Management Review and has served on the review board of Strategic Management Journal since 1995. The highlight for the doctoral researchers Juliette Engelhart and Renate Taubeneder were the one to one meetings with Professor Beverly Tyler, in which she shared her expert knowledge of supply chain management, gave academic advice and guidance for career planning.  

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