My Placement at HPC, EDF Energy.

As a commercial assistant, I work across two teams (Central Framework and Reporting) in supply chain division, to provide the information required for delivery of supply chain functions. I am learning about the various facets of the supply chain process including Contract management, Project Control and Procurement Management. Also, I have learnt how business intelligence is used to assess various areas of business performance. This placement has made me realise the profound relationship that exists between supply chain management and operations and how an all-encompassing supply chain platforms and software like SAP and CEMAR can make the operations of a construction organisation robust by reducing costs and enhancing overall capabilities.

My role as commercial assistant encompasses a number of responsibilities. One daily work of mine is processing a Task Order (TO) and Raising a Purchase Requisition on SAP which is utilised as a contract and payment management system across supply chain teams. Another part of my job is working on reports of Project Control, which will be presented to team leads and directors. It's been highly rewarding to be trusted with this important aspect of data handling. Processing data and gaining the insights of the project as a whole give my precious opportunities to learn the new skills required of you and increase your understanding of the organisation and how things roll there.


Constance Lu is our new HPC placement student, please find her full blog entry here


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