Juliette bakes her doctorate at the University of Bath "Bake your doctorate" challenge

Doctoral Researcher Juliette Engelhart participated in “Bake your Doctorate 2019” challenge. The event offers PhD students to communicate their doctorate in a fun and baked way. During the two-hour event, Juliette presented her cake and elaborated her work on supplier management at the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab to a non-management audience. The judge and attendees then were able to vote. Among the judge was the master baker himself Mr Bertinet  #BertinetBakeryBath, who owns the local bakery in town and took part on numerous TV shows. Juliette received great moral and eating support from her colleagues in the IDO division at the School of Management at University of Bath; before, during and after the event, as well as extra cheerful words from her supervisor Jens Roehrich. The day closed cheerful with many slices of cake and happy (sugar)faces at the IDO office.

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