HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab at the Public Engagement Showcase Event

The 2019 Vice-Chancellor’s Engagement Awards is an important event at the University of Bath calendar, which is equally well received by many external visitors. The Vice-Chancellor’s Engagement Award was this year accompanied with Public Engagement Showcases demonstrating the variety of public engagement activities throughout the University of Bath with external stakeholders. Among many researchers from the University of Bath showcasing their public engagement projects and research activities has been the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab. The HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab showcased their key engagement activities, such as their prior workshops, teaching cases and major events, which provided a thought leadership platform for academics, practitioners and policy makers to advance the field of large-scale projects. Large-scale projects are important as they contribute 4% to the Gross Domestic Global Products and shape the society we live in, such as the building of new infrastructure project e.g. Olympia stadium, Heathrow Runway and Hinkley Point C a new nuclear power station in Somerset providing over 6.000 jobs in the region. The Public Engagement Showcases event offered not only a platform of HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab prior engagement activities, but presented the opportunity for lively discussions with internal and external visitors and other researchers.

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