HPC Lab proposes exciting new research project to increase site worker health and safety

The HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab is in the process of proposing a new research project to increase health and safety on site. Professor Jens Roehrich, Professor Brian Squire and Professor Nancy Puccinelli have visited the HPC site to talk to HPC colleagues about the importance and relevance of the research to HPC workers. 

In collaboration with Professor Nancy Puccinelli and Professor Jens Nordfält from the University of Bath School of Management, the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab seeks to  develop a suite of tools to identify and assess the most effective methods for increasing site workers’ health and safety. 

Over the last 10 years, Professor Puccinelli has been working towards developing a range of rapid turn-around, robust psychophysical tests designed to assess innovations in behavioural change techniques. This has been further informed by Professor Nordfält’s ground-breaking field studies effecting change in retail settings based on psychological theory. Together with our colleagues from the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab as well as health and safety experts, we believe that we can develop the optimal process for assessing health and safety interventions as well as establishing best in class safety standards to achieve Zero Harm for HPC and the wider construction industry.

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