Doctoral researcher Hung-Jui Wu from the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab will be joining the FINT conference in 2019 (First International Network on Trust)

Doctoral researcher Hung-Jui Wu from the HPC Supply Chain Innovation, will be presenting at the First International Network on Trust Conference in 2019. His research on inter-organisational trust violation and recovery is based on the insights from the Taiwanese Electronic industry. Please view below Hung-Jui Wu's accepted conference submission paper to gain more insights on trust violation and recovery:


Inter-organisational trust violation and recovery: Insights from the Taiwanese Electronics industry

Trust, a pillar to the development and success of any buyer-supplier collaborations, is sometimes violated, especially in the electronics industry, due to its ever-changing supply-and-demand and technical sophistication. If these violations are not carefully managed, it would undermine the performance of inter-firm relationships.

This study tackles the assumed linearity, uni-dimensionality, and static nature from the trust violation and recovery literature by exploring the dynamics of competence and goodwill trust across the violation and recovery process in buyer-supplier relationships from Taiwanese electronics industry. A processual study is constructed based on four longitudinal case studies with a dyadic perspective.

The preliminary findings showed that the process of trust violation entails multiple mini-episodic events that interactively and dynamically erode competence and goodwill trust while the trust recovery stage is progressed through multiple temporal thresholds triggered by different recovery activities enacted by the buyer and the supplier. Specifically, competence trust is easier to erode than goodwill trust because of its readily observable nature while competence trust is also eaiser to recover than goodwill trust, but it requires goodwill trust in place to buffer and evoke the overall recovery process. Then, competence trust is gradually recovered over a series of operational improvement that over time diffuses across goodwill trust.

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