78th Academy of Management Conference: "Improving Health and Well-being in Society: How Can Organizations Help?"

HPC supply chain innovation lab directors, Prof Jens Roehrich and Prof. Brian Squire, and doctoral researcher, Mehrnoush Sarafan participated in 78thAnnual Meeting of the Academy of Management conference (10th-14thAugust) in Chicago, IL. Over 11,000 management scholars from around the world participated in this year’s conference to meet and contribute to an on-going discussion on “Improving Health and Well-being in Society: How Can Organizations Help?”. As part of the conference, the HPC lab researchers have presented the lab live projects on the impact of engagement and managerial behaviour in mitigating climate change[1], and supply chain disruption[2]. The presentations were well-attended and followed by interactive discussion on potential implications. Furthermore, the lab in collaboration with HPC Visiting Professor, Prof Beverly Tyler, co-organised a speaker symposium on “Conducting Academically Rigorous Research with Industry and Government to Address Big Social Issues”. Leading management scholars participated in the symposium and discussed some of the key challenges and opportunities of building three-way collaborations between businesses, governments, and universities. In addition to these, the academy provided an opportunity for HPC lab directors to meet with HPC Visiting Professor, Prof. Beverly Tyler, and a range of leading management researchers to discuss ongoing research within the lab and initiate potential new streams of work. Please contact us for more information on the symposium and to get access to our presented works. 


[1]Dahlmann, F. and Roehrich, J., 2018, July. Supply chain engagement on climate change mitigation: An information processing theory perspective. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2018, No. 1, p. 10862). 

[2]Sarafan, M., Squire, B., Brandon-Jones, E., Bode, C. and Roden, S., 2018, July. It’s You Not Me! The Impact of Blame on Redesign After Supply Chain Disruption. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2018, No. 1, p. 12396).

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