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An event for the sceptical forecaster

83 Pall Mall, London, UK

October 26 2017

The HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab will be hosting its first workshop bringing together practitioners, policymakers and academics centred around key complex supply chain and project challenges. The first HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab event will take place at our London location (83 Pall Mall; London SW1Y 5ES) on Thursday, 26thOctober in the afternoon (1-5pm). This event will explore key challenges around forecasting and dealing with uncertainties which are key themes for complex supply chains and projects. We would like to cordially invite you to join us for this event.

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The Golden Triangle of Business, Government and Academia - Challenges and Benefits (April 25th, 2018)

Wednesday, 25th April; from 5:30pm; 10 West 2.47 (part of the Looking Further series) joint effort between HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab and University of Bath

'The Golden Triangle of Business, Government and Academia - Challenges and Benefits'


The big social challenges facing society today such as productivity in economic development, delivery of clean water and safe energy, healthcare, and security, often require the commitments of business leaders, policymakers and researchers from a variety of disciplines, in order to access the technical knowledge and expertise required.

This event will be centred on the golden triangle of business, government and academia. The discussion will explore how industry leaders, policymakers and academics can work together to address social and economic challenges.

The presentaitons and discussion will draw out key benefits of this and how best to overcome challenges to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Keynote speakers and panellists include, amongst others

  • Ken Owen, Director, EDF Energy - Nuclear New Build
  • Professor Per Holten-Andersen, Dean of Copenhagen Business School
  • Professor Beverly Tyler, Professor of Strategic Management at North Carolina State University
  • Tim Bowles, Mayor, West of England Combined Authority
  • Matthew Kirk, Vodafone Group
  • George McFarlane, Sector Development Director, CBI
  • Derek Allen, Innovation Lead of Energy from Innovate UK


I. Introduction to the event and key speakers

  • Professor Jens Roehrich, HPC Chair in Supply Chain Innovation and Director. HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab, University of Bath, School of Management.

II. Keynote speakers

  • Ken Owen, Supply Chain Director, EDF Energy - Nuclear New Build- Hinkley Point C
  • Professor Per Holten-Andersen (Dean, Copenhagen Business School)

III. Panel chair

  • Professor Veronica Hope Hailey - University Vice-President Corporate Engagement and Dean of the School of Management

IV. Panellist

  • Ken Owen, EDF Energy
  • Matthew Kirk, Vodafone Group
  • Tim Bowles, Mayor, West of England Combined Authority
  • Derek Allen, Innovate UK
  • George McFarland, Sector Development Director, CBI
  • Professor Per Holten-Andersen, Copenhagen Business School
  • Professor Beverly Tyler, North Carolina State University

V. Audience

  • Mixed audience including business leaders, policymakers and academics
  • EDF Energy/HPC colleagues and key HPC stakeholders
  • Students and alumni of the University of Bath (UG, PG, MBA)
  • School of Management advisory board members

Upcoming: Industry event – ‘Orchestrating Industry Collaboration’ (6th Feb 2019)

Tentative event structure (17:30-20:00):

·10 mins: Jens Roehrich (HPC SCI Lab) introduction and setting the scene (importance of network orchestrators at the individual, firm, dyad and project/network level)

·30 mins: Ken Owen & Michelle Tilley (HPC) - summary of industrial collaboration journey (incl. industry collaboration to harness SMEs, MEH Alliance, collaboration and contracting; after Carillion – commercial dynamics – risks/contracts; how to deal with changes)

·10 mins: – Q&A

·40 mins: - Roundtable discussion around key questions/themes from Ken & Michelle’s presentation (chair – Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Vice-President, University of Bath)

·25 mins: – Q&A

·35mins: Drinks & networking

Roundtable participants from:


·Thames Tideway

·Heathrow Airport Expansion Programme




Possible Location:

·Central London – venue to be confirmed

Possible date/time slots:

·Wednesday, 6th February 2019, 17:30-20:00

In partnership with: