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Future of Supply Chains - How can we drive productivity in the supply chains of complex capital projects?

This project examines the links between productivity and managerial level factors such as psychology and decision making, firm level factors such as technology, and inter-firm level factors such as collaboration and governance.

How do supply chain contracts and collaborations develop over the lifecycle of a complex project and supply chain?

We are interested in exploring the development of supply chain contracts and collaborations over the lifecycle of a complex project. Plenty of opportunities may arise if firms can reduce waste within contractual clauses, can utilise new forms of consortia and collaborations, and are able to leverage local supply chain content.

What complexities matter within supply chains?

Global supply chains are considered to be very complex. More firms are outsourcing, more firms are buying global content and more markets are fragmented. On the other hand, products arrive on time and to the right quality. This project will explore how much complexity managers and organisations can and should handle within their supply chains.

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