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Integrating small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in large-scale projects

We explore how large organisations delivering complex projects can integrate SMEs into their supply networks and develop and leverage SMEs’ capabilities. Our research unpacks the process through which SMEs are engaged, motivated and integrated into supply networks to support large-scale projects.

Contracting for collaboration in large-scale projects

We unpack the process through which contracts develop and evolve overtime to drive performance in business relationships. This research theme explores the whole contracting process, right from adoption and modification of standard contracting boilerplates, structuring of a contract through negotiation with partners, and renegotiation of contracts as a result of contract management.

Promoting collaboration in large-scale projects

Our research investigates the effect of individual, organisational and network-level factors on collaboration over the lifecycle of complex projects. In particular, we use a range of methodological approaches, such as experiments, surveys, observations and interviews to explore the dynamics of supply chain collaboration in large-scale projects.

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