HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab

The HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab is an exciting new partnership between the University of Bath and Hinkley Point C (HPC). The Lab will provide a platform for international thought leadership to connect business leaders, policymakers and academics in the fields of supply chain, innovation and complex capital projects.



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We are internationally recognised experts that share a common purpose to deliver rigorous, objective and relevant research. We believe in openness and transparency, and make our findings freely available to influence academia, practice and policy.

Jens Roehrich

Jens Roehrich Director of the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab

Brian Squire

Brian Squire Director of the HPC Supply Chain Innovation Lab

Beverly Tyler

Beverly Tyler HPC Visiting Professor

Mehrnoush Sarafan

Mehrnoush Sarafan HPC Research Fellow

Renate Taubeneder

Renate Taubeneder HPC Doctoral Researcher

Juliette Engelhart

Juliette Engelhart Doctoral Researcher

Joseph Harrison

Joseph Harrison HPC Doctoral Researcher

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